Friday, November 13, 2009

a SPIRIT of power love and a sound mind

The Lord has been teaching me more and more about Love ...
the best part being that God is Love.
Love is an entity according to the Bible.
It is God ...

When I think about the spirit of power and love and a sound or disciplined mind, I think of peaceful men and women who surmounted ferocious resistance to their peaceful demands that evil take a backseat to what is good and right for all of mankind.

Wondering what all your personal experiences and thoughts are on the subject of the spirit of power and love and sound mind.


Sue said...

Ooh, now that's a nice way of looking at it :)

My personal thoughts on it I sort of encapsulated the other day actually on my blog ( I have got to the point now when where I am swamped (by fear or whatever) I am beginning to be able to see the threads that pull me from those places. To see the illusion of fears. It's a long road but yeah, it's happening. Amazingness :)

Susan said...

God has been speaking a lot to me recently about holding onto peace in difficult circumstances (had a few stressful things happen at work). Like you say peaceful people are those who have a spirit of power and love and a sound mind. Because being peaceful in difficult situations requires a lot of power and the need to continue to be loving and not say the wrong (as in angry) thing in the heat of the moment.

Nate said...

I guess the peace for me is the absolute surety that I have of God' support and protection. The love that I know he has for me and mine.

Valorosa said...

@ Nate
The absolute surety is faith. Yes?

Nate said...


Valorosa said...

it is such a BIG thing this faith.
It is the way God moves among us. It is the lack of that stops His mighty hand ... Jesus gently chided those who walked right beside him and watched the miracles he performed. He would say, "O you of little faith."
Faith is the spark? catalyst? vehicle? that moves mountains.
Luke 11 ... 'If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children HOW MUCH MORE will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him.'

I bought my grandson a Christmas gift today ... something his little 3 year old heart desires. It is a good gift, he will be so delighted.

Father thank you for showing me how much you wish to lavish upon us the gift of your Holy Spirit.
Lavish away ... no barriers now.